[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd 213

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed May 28 02:31:33 PDT 2014



Some new features, lots of bugfixes.


        * A new "systemd-timesyncd" daemon has been added for
          synchronizing the system clock across the network. It
          implements an SNTP client. In contrast to NTP
          implementations such as chrony or the NTP reference server
          this only implements a client side, and does not bother with
          the full NTP complexity, focusing only on querying time from
          one remote server and synchronizing the local clock to
          it. Unless you intend to serve NTP to networked clients or
          want to connect to local hardware clocks this simple NTP
          client should be more than appropriate for most
          installations. The daemon runs with minimal privileges, and
          has been hooked up with networkd to only operate when
          network connectivity is available. The daemon saves the
          current clock to disk every time a new NTP sync has been
          acquired, and uses this to possibly correct the system clock
          early at bootup, in order to accommodate for systems that
          lack an RTC such as the Raspberry Pi and embedded devices,
          and make sure that time monotonically progresses on these
          systems, even if it is not always correct. To make use of
          this daemon a new system user and group "systemd-timesync"
          needs to be created on installation of systemd.

        * The queue "seqnum" interface of libudev has been disabled, as
          it was generally incompatible with device namespacing as
          sequence numbers of devices go "missing" if the devices are
          part of a different namespace.

        * "systemctl list-timers" and "systemctl list-sockets" gained
          a --recursive switch for showing units of these types also
          for all local containers, similar in style to the already
          supported --recursive switch for "systemctl list-units".

        * A new RebootArgument= setting has been added for service
          units, which may be used to specify a kernel reboot argument
          to use when triggering reboots with StartLimitAction=.

        * A new FailureAction= setting has been added for service
          units which may be used to specify an operation to trigger
          when a service fails. This works similarly to
          StartLimitAction=, but unlike it controls what is done
          immediately rather than only after several attempts to
          restart the service in question.

        * hostnamed got updated to also expose the kernel name,
          release, and version on the bus. This is useful for
          executing commands like hostnamectl with the -H switch.
          systemd-analyze makes use of this to properly display
          details when running non-locally.

        * The bootchart tool can now show cgroup information in the
          graphs it generates.

        * The CFS CPU quota cgroup attribute is now exposed for
          services. The new CPUQuota= switch has been added for this
          which takes a percentage value. Setting this will have the
          result that a service may never get more CPU time than the
          specified percentage, even if the machine is otherwise idle.

        * systemd-networkd learned IPIP and SIT tunnel support.

        * LSB init scripts exposing a dependency on $network will now
          get a dependency on network-online.target rather than simply
          network.target. This should bring LSB handling closer to
          what it was on SysV systems.

        * A new fsck.repair= kernel option has been added to control
          how fsck shall deal with unclean file systems at boot.

        * The (.ini) configuration file parser will now silently
          ignore sections whose name begins with "X-". This may be
          used to maintain application-specific extension sections in unit

        * machined gained a new API to query the IP addresses of
          registered containers. "machinectl status" has been updated
          to show these addresses in its output.

        * A new call sd_uid_get_display() has been added to the
          sd-login APIs for querying the "primary" session of a
          user. The "primary" session of the user is elected from the
          user's sessions and generally a graphical session is
          preferred over a text one.

        * A minimal systemd-resolved daemon has been added. It
          currently simply acts as a companion to systemd-networkd and
          manages resolv.conf based on per-interface DNS
          configuration, possibly supplied via DHCP. In the long run
          we hope to extend this into a local DNSSEC enabled DNS and
          mDNS cache.

        * The systemd-networkd-wait-online tool is now enabled by
          default. It will delay network-online.target until a network
          connection has been configured. The tool primarily integrates
          with networkd, but will also make a best effort to make sense
          of network configuration performed in some other way.

        * Two new service options StartupCPUShares= and
          StartupBlockIOWeight= have been added that work similarly to
          CPUShares= and BlockIOWeight= however only apply during
          system startup. This is useful to prioritize certain services
          differently during bootup than during normal runtime.

        * hostnamed has been changed to prefer the statically
          configured hostname in /etc/hostname (unless set to
          'localhost' or empty) over any dynamic one supplied by
          dhcp. With this change the rules for picking the hostname
          match more closely the rules of other configuration settings
          where the local administrator's configuration in /etc always
          overrides any other settings.

        Contributions fron: Ali H. Caliskan, Alison Chaiken, Bas van
        den Berg, Brandon Philips, Cristian Rodríguez, Daniel Buch,
        Dan Kilman, Dave Reisner, David Härdeman, David Herrmann,
        David Strauss, Dimitris Spingos, Djalal Harouni, Eelco
        Dolstra, Evan Nemerson, Florian Albrechtskirchinger, Greg
        Kroah-Hartman, Harald Hoyer, Holger Hans Peter Freyther, Jan
        Engelhardt, Jani Nikula, Jason St. John, Jeffrey Clark,
        Jonathan Boulle, Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering, Lukas
        Nykryn, Lukasz Skalski, Łukasz Stelmach, Mantas Mikulėnas,
        Marcel Holtmann, Martin Pitt, Matthew Monaco, Michael
        Marineau, Michael Olbrich, Michal Sekletar, Mike Gilbert, Nis
        Martensen, Patrik Flykt, Philip Lorenz, poma, Ray Strode,
        Reyad Attiyat, Robert Milasan, Scott Thrasher, Stef Walter,
        Steven Siloti, Susant Sahani, Tanu Kaskinen, Thomas Bächler,
        Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen, Tom Gundersen, Umut Tezduyar
        Lindskog, WaLyong Cho, Will Woods, Zbigniew

        -- Beijing, 2014-05-28


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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