[systemd-devel] dbus-1/kdbus - question about 'queued owners'

Lukasz Skalski l.skalski at samsung.com
Fri Apr 10 07:20:28 PDT 2015


Currently I'm working on some testsuite (let's call it dbus1-spec-test)
for dbus-1 specification. My idea is to test dbus-1 specification
coverage on systems with dbus-daemon and on systems without dbus-daemon
(but with latest systemd, bus-proxyd and kdbus) which will allow us (and
all userspace apps) to smoothly switch to kdbus. First results of tests
are really good:

Run Summary:    Type  Total    Ran Passed Failed Inactive
              suites     11     11    n/a      0        0
               tests     34     34     33      1        0
             asserts    286    286    285      1      n/a

My testsuite have found only one inconsistency between dbus-1 and
kdbus-enabled system. Problematic testcase (this one tests rather some
dbus-daemon/bus-proxyd behaviors than specification) is as follow:

test_request_name_6 (void)
  GDBusConnection *connection_a;
  GDBusConnection *connection_b;

  BusRequestNameFlagsReply request_reply;
  BusReleaseNameFlagsReply release_reply;

  /* connect and set up two D-Bus client connections */
  connection_a = connect_to_bus();
  connection_b = connect_to_bus();

  /* 'connection_a' - synchronously acquire name on the bus */
  request_reply = request_name (connection_a, "org.my.busname",
                                DBUS_NAME_FLAG_REPLACE_EXISTING |

  /* 'connection_a' should be primary owner */

  /* 'connection_b' tries to own the same well-known name */
  request_reply = request_name (connection_b, "org.my.busname",

  /* 'connection_b' should be appended to the queue */

  /* once again 'connection_b' tries to own the same name */
  request_reply = request_name (connection_b, "org.my.busname",

  /* and once again we should get the same return code */

  /* 'connection_a' releases name */
  release_reply = release_name (connection_a, "org.my.busname");

  /* 'connection_b' (now primary owner) also release name
  release_reply = release_name (connection_b, "org.my.busname");

  /* 'connection_b' tries to release once again the same name */
  release_reply = release_name (connection_b, "org.my.busname");

  /* This assert is source of failure - what we should get

  g_object_unref (connection_a);
  g_object_unref (connection_b);

I think that code comments explain scenario of this test quite well. In
this testcase I create two D-Bus client connections. Both connections
request the same well-known name on bus. 'connection_a' becomes primary
owner of the name. Because name replacement is not possible,
'connection_b' is appended to the queue. Next, 'connection_b' once again
tries to own the same name and once again we have 'IN_QUEUE' as a return
code. After this, 'connection_a' releases previously owned name. Now
primary owner of "org.my.busname" name is 'connection_b'. First
'ReleaseName' returns RELEASED as it was expected. Inconsistency between
dbus-daemon and kdbus has place when 'connection_b' once again tries to
release "org.my.busname" name. After last 'ReleaseName' dbus-daemon
returns NON_EXISTENT. In case of kdbus/bus-proxyd, we have RELEASED
return code (if we add next/third 'ReleaseName' call for 'connection_b'
it will return NON_EXISTENT) - it causes problems with last assert().

The main source of above problem is difference how dbus-daemon and kdbus
handles placing the same connection in queue two times for the same
well-know name.

Which solution, kdbus or dbus-daemon, do it correctly?

Lukasz Skalski
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
l.skalski at samsung.com

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