[systemd-devel] systemd-fsck question

Nikolai Zhubr n-a-zhubr at yandex.ru
Tue Jan 6 09:32:08 PST 2015

06.01.2015 19:46, Andrei Borzenkov:
>> In systemd-fsck at .service I see "StandardOutput=journal+console", and
>> "StandardOutput" not set, AFAICS defaulting to "inherit" according to
Ops, correction, this was meant "StandardError" not set.

>> system config file, which looks good, as all diagnostic and error
>> messages coming from systemd-fsck (and they are quite important) would
>> therefore (supposedly) go to both journal and physical console.
>> There are absolutely no messages relevant to systemd-fsck between
> It depends on other settings; e.g. with "quiet" on kernel command line
> only messages with severity NOTICE and above are printed; otherwise you
> get OK/FAILED status lines.

I don't have "quite" enabled. I'd expect some message of severity ERROR 
from systemd-fsck. From the kernel itself I get lots of non-critical 
informational messages, so I think it is not a problem of wrong kernel 
argument(s) in this case.

>> "Starting File System Check ..." and "Failed to start File System Check
>> ..." ! How can this be possible, and how do I find the reason for
>> failure then?
> By executing "systemctl status systemd-fsck at ..." as instructed?

I tried that. It didn't say anything except that the process died. No 
discriptive diagnostics at all.
Probably I'll try to reproduce everything and redo tests, but I have to 
note that the situation in question is basically a compete system 
failure and after I reproduce it I'll have to reinstall the system from 
the beginning, unless I understand the reason of failure and fix it by 
hand. That is why I'm trying to gather as much information as possible 
before I start.

Thank you,

> journalctl ...
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Nikolai
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