[systemd-devel] systemd-fsck question

Nikolai Zhubr n-a-zhubr at yandex.ru
Wed Jan 7 01:14:31 PST 2015

07.01.2015 4:50, Chris Murphy:
> These are all really good questions, and it makes me wonder about the
> handling when long or failed fsck presents on systems with GUI boot
> e.g. plymouth on Fedora. That's a tangent topic from your concern but
> seems like there'd need to be a way for systemd to communicate with
> the GUI startup process.

Well, not sure for the case of plymouth specifically, but usually bootup 
graphical animated splash screen can be cancelled at any time by hitting 
ESC key, at least on opensuse it generally works fine. Then you'll see 
old good text console with all boot messages, which were hidden behind 
the splash. And I'd say this feels quite reasonable and usable, 
especially if a hint is displayed somewhere in the corner of the splash, 
saying like "Press ESC if curious whats going on now...". (Although on 
desktop computers I mostly prefer to not use splash as I find it a bit 
annoying and not very informative)

But then we return to my original point: important messages should 
definitely be displayed there, just in case of trouble or whatever. On 
my box they fail to get forwarded to console for some reason.

Thank you,

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