[systemd-devel] Second (erroneous) check of rootfs?

Harald Hoyer harald.hoyer at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 12:32:08 PST 2015

On 08.01.2015 18:30, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
> В Thu, 08 Jan 2015 17:12:25 +0100
> Harald Hoyer <harald.hoyer at gmail.com> пишет:
>> On 08.01.2015 16:55, Lennart Poettering wrote:
>>> On Thu, 08.01.15 16:34, Harald Hoyer (harald.hoyer at gmail.com) wrote:
>>>> IMHO
>>>> systemd-fsck-root.service should be removed entirely and generated by the
>>>> fstab-generator in the real root like all the other mount points.
>>> Well, this service *is* special, it needs to run before the other
>>> fsck, and it needs different code to find the device to operate on,
>>> since udev isn't up yet. It will have to stay I figure...
>>>> fstab-generator should create systemd-fsck-root.service for the /sysroot
>>>> mountpoint in the initrd, which then will be serialized.
>>> Not a fan of overriding things like that... I would prefer to run the
>>> same unit files in the initrd and on the host...
>>> What about this: we add some code to systemd-fsck that when run
>>> without parameters, and within an initrd, it will check the host root?
> Yes, I was about to suggest the same at the end. Where I fill uneasy is
> hardcoding /dev/root inside of systemd-fsck. In case of dracut this is
> basically the only thing that we know for sure. Does every initrd
> implementation use it?
> Alternative is to always use /dev/root in systemd-fsck and factor out
> current code that checks for root block device into service/generator
> that creates it.

Do not use /dev/root and do not rely on it! Please!

>> not sure, if I can follow. When run without parameters and within the initrd,
>> it should do nothing. Anything can be root. Maybe it's NFS... and it is not
>> mounted yet.
>> A fake unit could do the same job.
> dracut already performs fsck for root if it is block device. The
> suggestion is simply to use different service in this case. And only in
> case of root on block device as it does currently.

In case of systemd in the initrd, the fstab-generator ensures that fsck is done
on root and /usr and any other partition marked with x-initrd.mount.

That is _not_ dracut specific.

> Note that if src/shared/generator.c:generator_write_fsck_deps() should
> be fixed to emit proper dependency for /sysroot as well; currently it
> only does it for / only.

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