[systemd-devel] [PATCH] perl-Net-DBus + new interactive authorization

Colin Guthrie colin at mageia.org
Mon Jan 12 11:35:11 PST 2015

Angelo Naselli wrote on 12/01/15 17:49:
>> I think you'll just need some #ifdef magic in the DBus.xs file to deal
>> with the new APIs being missing. Perhaps just write a stub function
>> in the DBus.xs that just raises a suitable perl error (see _croak_error
>> source in DBus.xs for example on raising errors)
> I seem I haven't found a way to get version from libdbus, but i haven't
> also searched for it a lot.t I added a silly test on

This is probably a better test than a version check as it'll handle
patched backports happily whereas a version check would not.

Seems perfectly reasonable and not silly to me.

> that has been added when it's been managed. I don't know if it is a good
> way though, but it seems to work.
> Colin i tried it in mga4 and cauldron but since i think i was wrong with
> my previous results... well if you could have a look at it and
> confirm at least for cauldron... :)

I'm not sure this is sufficient as it could lead to calls to undefined
functions if compiled against an older version.

Anyway, let's take this away from upstream lists for now, and we can get
it polished and give it to Daniel when it's ready. My main intention
with the mail was to let people know there is WIP and double check where
to submit it and against what version control system etc. so the ins and
outs of getting it ready probably aren't that interesting to most people
on the list :)



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