[systemd-devel] systemctl status not showing still running processes in inactive .mount unit cgroups (NFS specifically)

Harald Hoyer harald at redhat.com
Thu Jan 15 04:10:25 PST 2015

On 15.01.2015 10:28, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Although if the script is in bash I'd use  "if [ -d ..." rather than "if
> test -d ..." as (and bash experts (Harald?) can correct me here if I'm
> wrong) I believe [ is a bash built in (even if it is a binary in
> /usr/bin/), whereas it would have to fork out to run "test".

If you don't write "/usr/bin/test", then bash will use the builtin "test".

$ help test
test: test [expr]
    Evaluate conditional expression.

so [ -d <dir> ] and test -d <dir> are basically equal.

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