[systemd-devel] Systemd.timer: Possibility to execute job hourly between 6 am and 6 pm.

Kris Erik Schwerdt Schwerdt at itsc.uni-luebeck.de
Fri Jan 16 04:31:52 PST 2015


thank you for your fast response. I thought that that is the way working anyway, but you also added the way for saying "do it every 2 hours to midnight" with 5/2:00 . And I think this long way is not very clear especially e. g. if this expression is written for days of month or minutes of an hour. 
For that reason I hoped that you would add this feature in future.

K. E. Schwerdt.

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You have to explicitly state each hour:

6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18:00:00 .

Alexandre Detiste

2015-01-16 12:38 GMT+01:00 Kris Erik Schwerdt <Schwerdt at itsc.uni-luebeck.de>:
> Hello,
> I was just trying to replace some cron-jobs by systemd-timers. I'm using
> system 218 on archlinux. During doing so I recognized, that it is not
> possible to describe something like >execute this job hourly between 6 am
> and 6 pm. In cron this was possible by saying 6-18/1:00:00 for the time.
> Greetings
> K. E. Schwerdt.
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