[systemd-devel] Docker vs PrivateTmp

Lars Kellogg-Stedman lars at redhat.com
Sun Jan 18 21:27:09 PST 2015

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 11:38:12PM -0500, Lars Kellogg-Stedman wrote:
> I think we actually want MountFlags=slave, which will permit mounts
> from the global namespace to propagate into the service namespace
> without permitting propagation in the other direction.  It seems like
> this would the Least Surprising behavior.

...which would be the default if docker.service were itself using
PrivateTmp=true, because from systemd.exec:

    Note that the file system namespace related options (PrivateTmp=,
    PrivateDevices=, ProtectSystem=, ProtectHome=, ReadOnlyDirectories=,
    InaccessibleDirectories= and ReadWriteDirectories=) require that mount
    and unmount propagation from the unit's file system namespace is
    disabled, and hence downgrade shared to slave.

So either explicitly setting MountFlags=slave, or setting
PrivateTmp=true if that doesn't cause any issues of which I am not

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