[systemd-devel] failing boot start jobs delay reboot

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 19 20:03:02 PST 2015

Andrei Borzenkov composed on 2015-01-20 06:35 (UTC+0300):

> Mon, 19 Jan 2015 17:59:41 -0500 Felix Miata composed:

>> Has anything been done in more recent releases about this? I do a lot of
>> cloning, and sometimes produce typos on grub cmdlines and fstab lines. This
>> produces long delays in init followed by emergency mode when the
>> non-essential mount fails and fstab for that device does not include the
>> nofail option. When I recognize early in init that I have made a fstab typo,
>> I try to CAD to choose another boot choice that isn't broken and fix the
>> typo, but that produces yet another start job wait for the same broken job,
>> often followed by a gazillion failed to save sound card state messages from
>> holding down CAD.

>> openSUSEes, Mageias & Fedoras (including Factories, Cauldrons & Rawhides)
>> comprise most of my installations subject to these self-inflicted delays that
>> I can't recall being a problem with sysvinit.

> "Self inflicted delays" during boot or during Ctrl-Alt-Del? 

Both. When they occur during init they repeat during shutdown. Even when I
let init complete and succeed to fix the typo or oversight, the init failure
gets remembered and repeated at shutdown. Often the start job is on account
of a volume label that has been replaced, usually along with a UUID, because
the clone is a partition on the same HD. Fedora is particularly frustrating
by embedding dependent root volume label and not obeying root= on cmdline
(openSUSE obeys root=). Those typos usually have to be fixed by chroot to run
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