[systemd-devel] [PATCH 04/12] Add some plymouth functionality to connect and send, messages

Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek zbyszek at in.waw.pl
Fri Jan 30 16:39:43 PST 2015

On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 06:43:22PM +0100, Didier Roche wrote:
> Le 28/01/2015 21:22, Lennart Poettering a écrit :
> >On Wed, 28.01.15 14:22, Didier Roche (didrocks at ubuntu.com) wrote:
> >
> >>  # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >>+have_plymouth=no
> >>+AC_ARG_ENABLE(plymouth, AS_HELP_STRING([--disable-plymouth], [disable plymouth integration]))
> >>+if test "x$enable_plymouth" != "xno"; then
> >>+        PKG_CHECK_MODULES([PLYMOUTH], [ply-boot-client >= 0.8.0],
> >>+                [AC_DEFINE(HAVE_PLYMOUTH, 1, [Define if plymouth is available]) have_plymouth=yes], have_plymouth=no)
> >>+        if test "x$have_plymouth" = xno -a "x$enable_plymouth" = xyes; then
> >>+                AC_MSG_ERROR([*** plymouth integration requested but libraries not found])
> >>+        fi
> >>+fi
> >>+AM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_PLYMOUTH, [test "$have_plymouth" = "yes"])
> >Hmm, I am bit concerned about adding this dependency. So far we
> >managed to talk to plymouth without using its library, and I am really
> >not sure we should start doing so now. So far the messages to send
> >were so simply that it really wasn't worth the effort to use the full
> >library.
> This is doable for the first part, similar to what
> src/tty-ask-password-agent/tty-ask-password-agent.c is doing (using
> the socket directly to send update and message to it).
> I'm quite unsure "watch and get key events" part as looking at
> libplymouth code, this seems quite more complex as a protocol to
> achieve. If you feel that needs to be done anyway, I can look deeper
> at this if you really feel we should reimplement libplymouth
> protocol rathen than having an optional dep on it.
plymouth-core-libs are 200kb in Fedora. I wouldn't sweat it too much.


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