[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd v221

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Fri Jun 19 07:06:08 PDT 2015


It's primarily a bugfix release, but we also make sd-bus.h and
sd-event.h public. (A blog story on sd-bus and how to use it will
follow shortly.)


Reminder: Note again that the git repository and bug tracking moved to
github with this release. The new github page is this:


Reporting bugs via the fdo bugzilla is closed now. Changes to existing
bugs can still be made, and discussion should continue there, but no
new ones may be filed. We will not migrate individual bug reports from
fdo to github. File new bugs as github issues, please.

Please submit new patches preferable as github PRs now, however we
will continue to accept patches via the ML, too.

If you have a git checkout, don't forget to migrate to the new github
GIT repository as origin:


The fdo git repo still exists though and is sporadically synced from
the github repository.


        * The sd-bus.h and sd-event.h APIs have now been declared
          stable and have been added to the official interface of
          libsystemd.so. sd-bus implements an alternative D-Bus client
          library, that is relatively easy to use, very efficient and
          supports both classic D-Bus as well as kdbus as transport
          backend. sd-event is a generic event loop abstraction that
          is built around Linux epoll, but adds features such as event
          prioritization or efficient timer handling. Both APIs are good
          choices for C programs looking for a bus and/or event loop
          implementation that is minimal and does not have to be
          portable to other kernels.

        * kdbus support is no longer compile-time optional. It is now
          always built-in. However, it can still be disabled at
          runtime using the kdbus=0 kernel command line setting, and
          that setting may be changed to default to off, by specifying
          --disable-kdbus at build-time. Note though that the kernel
          command line setting has no effect if the kdbus.ko kernel
          module is not installed, in which case kdbus is (obviously)
          also disabled. We encourage all downstream distributions to
          begin testing kdbus by adding it to the kernel images in the
          development distributions, and leaving kdbus support in
          systemd enabled.

        * The minimal required util-linux version has been bumped to

        * Support for chkconfig (--enable-chkconfig) was removed in
          favor of calling an abstraction tool
          /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install. This needs to be
          implemented for your distribution. See "SYSV INIT.D SCRIPTS"
          in README for details.

        * If there's a systemd unit and a SysV init script for the
          same service name, and the user executes "systemctl enable"
          for it (or a related call), then this will now enable both
          (or execute the related operation on both), not just the

        * The libudev API documentation has been converted from gtkdoc
          into man pages.

        * gudev has been removed from the systemd tree, it is now an
          external project.

        * The systemd-cgtop tool learnt a new --raw switch to generate
          "raw" (machine parsable) output.

        * networkd's IPForwarding= .network file setting learnt the
          new setting "kernel", which ensures that networkd does not
          change the IP forwarding sysctl from the default kernel

        * The systemd-logind bus API now exposes a new boolean
          property "Docked" that reports whether logind considers the
          system "docked", i.e. connected to a docking station or not.

        Contributions from: Alex Crawford, Andreas Pokorny, Andrei
        Borzenkov, Charles Duffy, Colin Guthrie, Cristian Rodríguez,
        Daniele Medri, Daniel Hahler, Daniel Mack, David Herrmann,
        David Mohr, Dimitri John Ledkov, Djalal Harouni, dslul, Ed
        Swierk, Eric Cook, Filipe Brandenburger, Gianpaolo Macario,
        Harald Hoyer, Iago López Galeiras, Igor Vuk, Jan Synacek,
        Jason Pleau, Jason S. McMullan, Jean Delvare, Jeff Huang,
        Jonathan Boulle, Karel Zak, Kay Sievers, kloun, Lennart
        Poettering, Marc-Antoine Perennou, Marcel Holtmann, Mario
        Limonciello, Martin Pitt, Michael Biebl, Michael Olbrich,
        Michal Schmidt, Mike Gilbert, Nick Owens, Pablo Lezaeta Reyes,
        Patrick Donnelly, Pavel Odvody, Peter Hutterer, Philip
        Withnall, Ronny Chevalier, Simon McVittie, Susant Sahani,
        Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen, Tom Gundersen, Torstein
        Husebø, Umut Tezduyar Lindskog, Viktar Vauchkevich, Werner
        Fink, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek

        -- Berlin, 2015-06-19


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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