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Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Jun 24 04:05:20 PDT 2015

Thomas Schmidt wrote on 24/06/15 11:20:
> Hello, many thanks for your replies!
> Is there an advise what should be used instead ? SDBus/DBus is too
> late activated, private socket looks like a short term solution. Is
> there anything already there which would be the optimal way ? or will
> something be introduced once the code handling private socket will be
> changed ?

KDBus is the way to go. One of the main reasons for wanting KDBus is
that it will be available from very early boot. At that point the "DBus
is too late activated" problem goes away (there is no dbus-daemon any
more) and with it the need for the private socket too - hence why Daniel
said it will go away eventually.

If you have KDBus patched into in your kernel, perhaps everything is in
place to do this now if systemd is built with kdbus support. I've not
tried this personally but I suspect it would be in good order. Daniel
can probably confirm this or otherwise.




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