[systemd-devel] Errors using machinectl pull-tar and machinectl pull-dkr

Peter Paule systemd-devel at fedux.org
Mon Mar 2 02:00:49 PST 2015

Quoting Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net>:
>> Thanks for clarifying this. :-) Any ETA for this? I'm looking for better
>> integrated solution "into" systemd than docker and I really like the
>> idea of having a systemd-daemon managing the containers.
> This is actually in place now in git. The first time you invoke one of
> the "machinectl pull-xyz" commands we create /var/lib/machines.raw as
> loop back file with btrfs inside which is then mounted to
> /var/lib/machines. With the "machinectl set-limit" command you can
> then set the size of this file dynamically, which resizes the btrfs
> and the loopback file, as well as the btrfs quota settings
> inside. It's really nice to use.
> Next step: make the file grow automatically during pull, if a certain
> fill level of the file system is reached.

Great. Thanks for that. Do you always create that loop back file or  
only if on non-btrfs-filesystems?

Do you have a solution for the trustdb-stuff already? I only found  
this in the manual for gnupg2:

--trustdb-name file
   Use file instead of the default trustdb. If file begins with a  
tilde and a slash, these are replaced by the $HOME directory. If the  
filename does not contain
   a slash, it is assumed to be in the GnuPG home directory  
(‘~/.gnupg’ if --homedir or $GNUPGHOME is not used).

Maybe you should just create your own trustdb-file and ship it as well  
or create it on the first run of machined. There was no other obvious  
option for that I found. But I'm not really a gpg-pro. Maybe some  
other guy has a better idea about solving this thing.

Even RHEL 6.6 ships with gpg2 already. Do you really need to support gpg1? :-)

Be aware:
I think I send one of my mails in this thread directly to you (by  
accident) and forgot to add the mailinglist. Fixed that with this mail.

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