[systemd-devel] is there a plan for NIC teaming support ?

Branko brankob at s5tehnika.net
Wed Mar 4 20:41:55 PST 2015

I have a need to put my NICs in "RAID0" so to speak, but according to 
materials I have found on net I can't use NIC bonding driver because I 
would need LACP (IEEE whatever) aware L2 switch, so I was refered to 
teaming driver, which should be ( if those folks is to be believed) 
replacing bond driver in future.

Since systemd doesn't support teaming ( teaming module + libeteam), I 
had to scotchstape it together under systemd and it was major PITA.

libteam doesn't seem to complicated to be included as a module in 
systemd, which should take away most of the headaches...

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