[systemd-devel] Appc support in systemd-importd

Iago López Galeiras iago at endocode.com
Wed Mar 11 07:24:56 PDT 2015


We're looking into adding appc[1] support in systemd-importd. An appc image (ACI) is just a tar with a "rootfs" directory and a json "manifest". We would have to implement image discovery and simply extract the rootfs. Some questions:

* I see that the dkr implementation ignores the information in the docker manifest (resource restrictions, binary to exec...). Is that by design or just not implemented yet? Should we do the same with appc (*only* extract the rootfs)?

* Alban liked the idea of saving the manifest so we can extract the whole ACI and modify nspawn to detect a container is an ACI and set /var/lib/machines/appc-image.aci/rootfs as the container's root. The benefit of keeping the manifest would be knowing which binary to start. Is that acceptable?

[1]: https://github.com/appc/spec/blob/master/SPEC.md


Iago López Galeiras, Endocode AG

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