[systemd-devel] is there a plan for NIC teaming support ?

Michal Sekletar msekleta at redhat.com
Thu Mar 12 03:08:07 PDT 2015

On Thu, Mar 05, 2015 at 05:41:55AM +0100, Branko wrote:
> I have a need to put my NICs in "RAID0" so to speak, but according
> to materials I have found on net I can't use NIC bonding driver
> because I would need LACP (IEEE whatever) aware L2 switch, so I was
> refered to teaming driver, which should be ( if those folks is to be
> believed) replacing bond driver in future.
> Since systemd doesn't support teaming ( teaming module + libeteam),
> I had to scotchstape it together under systemd and it was major
> libteam doesn't seem to complicated to be included as a module in
> systemd, which should take away most of the headaches...

I started looking into providing teaming support in networkd. What I am
currently able to do (not much btw) is to create team netdev and
enslave interfaces. Everything else is done via GeNetlink and sd-rtnl doesn't
support that. Also even the most basic balance-rr mode doesn't work without
teamd instance running. Thus naturally I wanted to use libteam, problem is that
still quite a lot of logic is implemented in teamd daemon and not in

I envision this to work in a following way. networkd will create netdev and
enslave interfaces, then it will call systemd dbus API to create
instance of teamd for the team device. networkd will then communicate with teamd
instance over dbus. Problem I am facing here is not very well designed teamd
dbus interface, i.e. you have to pass json config string as parameter. I am not
sure we want to get into business of stamping out some json to variable
and then passing that string to teamd. It would be much nicer to have v2 of
teamd dbus interface. I had a brief discussion about it with teamd maintainer
and as always patches are welcome.


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