[systemd-devel] udev breaks hostap linkage of raw/user interfaces, causing wpa_supplicant problems

Thomas Richter thor at math.tu-berlin.de
Mon Mar 16 05:04:16 PDT 2015

Am 16.03.2015 um 12:53 schrieb David Herrmann:

> I don't see how we can fix that via name_assign_type. Sure, we could
> set this to NET_NAME_PREDICTABLE and udev would no longer rename it.
> But the name is *NOT* predictable, so it would be a hack.
> The other fix would be to tell udev to never rename hostap devices as
> they will break. However, that's just due to wpa_supplicant relying on
> matching names.
> I'd prefer if we could tell wpa_supplicant to find the wlanX <->wifiY
> relation via /sys, instead of relying on the matching names.

FYI, I also reported this on the wpa_supplicant mailing list, but
there's no reaction on this yet. Apparently, it tries to "rfkill" the
seemingly dead wifiX radio, and fails if the radio isn't where it is
expected - or so it seems.


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