[systemd-devel] StartLimitBurst prevents manual start-up of a service

Andrei Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 20:52:33 PDT 2015

В Thu, 19 Mar 2015 15:23:41 -0400
"Nekrasov, Alexander" <alexander.nekrasov at emc.com> пишет:

> Hi All,
> Suppose I have a B.service that's doing important work, and an A.service that's watching over B memory consumption. So I want to start A when I start B, and stop A when I stop B. Also B, being important, should be allowed to restart on failures. A, being just a monitor, should be left down if it starts failing too often.
> Suppose I have in A.service:
> Restart=yes
> StartLimitInterval=300
> StartLimitBurst=1
> StopWhenUnneeded=true
> Suppose B.service.wants/A.service and in B.service I have:
> Restart=yes
> StartLimitInterval=30
> StartLimitBurst=3
> What happens is, any start of A is counted against the StartLimitBurst limit. Which means, there is no way to let B restart any more frequently than A and have A follow B. The same thing applies to starting A manually - a systemctl start call will fail if done more frequently than once per 300 seconds.
> The manual systemctl start problem can be fixed by running systemctl reset-failed before it, but I couldn't find a way to fix the failing to start on a dependency.
> How do I support this use case?

Why A is restarted in the first place? Once it is started, it should
not be cleaned up until B is present, and B will be present as long as
it is being restarted. Restart of B should not cause restart of A, at
least not because A suddenly becomes unneeded. 

> Thanks,
> Alex
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