[systemd-devel] experiments with 'minimal build'

Alison Chaiken alison at she-devel.com
Thu Mar 19 23:37:41 PDT 2015

>The "RSS" column in `ps u 1`, `pmap -x -p 1` or in htop describes it a bit better.

Using that method, I find 9 MB for maximum-features build and 5 MB for
minimum-features one.

Jeff Waugh:
>The last + is +SYSVINIT, but there doesn't appear to be a configure option to disable sysvinit compatibility anymore.

I was wondering about that myself.

>static compilation doesn't affect the ability to plug in dynamic devices into your system, like USB :)

If intelligent parasites want to plug HIDs into implanted medical
devices, they'll just have to recompile systemd then.

Andrei Borzenkov  wrote:
> Systemd enumerates devices using udev, so any dependency on device
> won't work. May be it is not that important for embedded world, just
> something to keep in mind.

With proper device-tree, I believe we don't need enumeration.


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