[systemd-devel] Drop systemd-ui

Michael Biebl mbiebl at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 07:58:42 PDT 2015

When I made the final ConsoleKit release, I added a NEWS entry, saying
that this software was discontinued and pointing to the replacements.


We could do something similar for systemd-ui. That said, I think there
is value in simply keeping the repo around.

2015-03-31 16:41 GMT+02:00 "J├│hann B. Gu├░mundsson" <johannbg at gmail.com>:
> On 03/31/2015 02:27 PM, Michael Biebl wrote:
>>> >And from the looks of it the Red Hat desktop team maintainers in Gnome
>>> > seem
>>> >to be expecting the Gnome users to be using Red Hat's own product
>>> > cockpit to
>>> >take care of that.
>> sorry, but that's not a real replacement for systemadm. Don't want to
>> run a webservice just to inspect my local system. That's way overkill.
> No argument here and I personally had been expected David King to take care
> of writing and maintaining the native Gnome application. That however has
> not happened yet.
>>> >I'm pretty sure those that disagree with that in the Gnome community
>>> > will
>>> >step up and write their own application which they can base on the KDE
>>> > one
>>> >if they want to.
>> Tbh, I don't see the problem. After all, systemd-ui is already split
>> into a separate repo.
> The problem is nobody is maintaining this so someone either steps up from
> the community, takes ownership of the application and cleans it up in the
> process, and makes it a prime example of what could be done ui wise in
> systemd or we drop it ( unless people are huge fan of things bit rotting ).

Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the
universe are pointed away from Earth?

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