[systemd-devel] mount crypto_LUKS device in conatiner

arnaud gaboury arnaud.gaboury at gmail.com
Fri May 1 02:39:47 PDT 2015

My container will need access to a Luks encrypted device (/dev/sdd4) for its DB.

Here is the setup on the host :

# cryptsetup --key-file /etc/keys/poppy.luks luksOpen /dev/bcache0 sdd4_crypt
└─sdd4                   sdd4      8:52  bcache
  └─bcache0              bcache0 254:0   crypto_LUKS
    └─sdd4_crypt         dm-7    253:7   btrfs       poppy-encrypt

I am little lost for now how the container manage /dev and  devices
mapper. So I am wondering where to write this device entry in
/etc/fstab  and /etc/crypttab. In host or container?

It seems to me it is more easy to manage anything in the host. Am I right?

Thank you for hints.


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