[systemd-devel] Journald logging handler for Python 3 and AsyncIO integration

Ludovic Gasc gmludo at gmail.com
Sat May 2 06:12:22 PDT 2015


With the new release of Debian Jessie and systemd+journald integration, I'm
looking for how to modernize our Python 3 toolbox to build daemons.

For now on Debian Wheezy, we use a SysLogHandler with UNIX socket:
+ a custom rsyslog+logrotate configuration to split and manage log files.

>From sysvinit to systemd migration to start our daemons, it should be easy,
I've found this documentation:

But for journald, even if I can use syslog UNIX socket provided by
journald, I want to benefit the features of journald, especially structured

I've seen the Python binding for journald:
Nevertheless, I've two questions:

   1. I've seen no python logging handler for journald. Is it a desired
   situation or it's because no time to implement that ? Could you be
   interested in by an handler with journald ?
   2. We use heavily AsyncIO module to have async pattern in Python,
   especially for I/O: https://docs.python.org/3/library/asyncio.html
   In the source code of python-systemd, I've seen that you use a C glue to
   interact with journald, but I don't understand what's the communication
   between my Python daemon process and journald: unix sockets ? Other
   mechanism ? Depends on the mechanism, it should be have an impact for us.

Thanks for your answers.

Have a nice week-end.
Ludovic Gasc (GMLudo)
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