[systemd-devel] networkd: dbus API for networkd reconfiguration at run-time

Rauta, Alin alin.rauta at intel.com
Tue May 5 02:16:44 PDT 2015

Hi guys,
Any updates on this one ?
From: Rauta, Alin
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Subject: networkd: dbus API for networkd reconfiguration at run-time

Hi Tom, Lennart,

I have some questions regarding dbus API and run-time networkd configuration. I would really appreciate your answers/suggestions.

First, when upstreaming BridgeFDB support in networkd, I had (in the first place) a patch composed of 2 parts:

-          One part  for clearing existing configuration;

-          One part for setting new FDB entries;

Since networkd doesn't currently clear existing configuration, only the first part of the patch was accepted.

At that time you said that:

"In the future we plan to get a dbus API where networkd can be reconfigured at run-time (i.e., change which .network file is applied to a link), and then it definitely would make sense to flush routes and addresses when removing the .network from the link, but currently we don't do that at all."

Do you have any updates or more information on dbus API (how would this be actually done, how would work) ?
What extensions to existing networkd functionality would the dbus API bring ?

Second, regarding "BindCarrier=" functionality, would dbus API make it possible to modify the string content or the bind carrier functionality at run-time ?

Moreover, we currently have the case where networkd is running and has some ports involved in "BindCarrier=" dependencies. Then some of this ports are run-time added to a team (link aggregation) device (maybe through command line).
In this case the carrier dependencies affect the team device functionality creating confusion at one point in time (team tries to get the childs up/down, but the functionality is affected by the carrier dependencies between childs or between childs and other ports outside of the team device).
Would dbus API be of any help in this case ? or
Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid these cases ?

Thank you in advance,

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