[systemd-devel] Shutting down service using systemd-nspawn

Peter Paule systemd-devel at fedux.org
Wed May 6 21:38:12 PDT 2015

> I implemented this now:
> http://cgit.freedesktop.org/systemd/systemd/commit/?id=c6c8f6e218995852350e5e35c080dec788c42c3f

Thanks a lot. Sorry, have seen your mail to late - I'm trying out a new
mua (sup) and I'm not that familiar with it yet. 

Do you think it makes sense to add something like 

`--pass-signals SIGHUP,SIGINT,SIGWINCH` 

as well? Making `systemd-nspawn` to pass those
signals to PID 1 if it receives those signals.

Use case:

Either make PID 1 to react on those signals or test how it will react if
you're using `systemd-nspawn` to test some software you develop.

Thanks a lot.


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