[systemd-devel] journalctl --directory -f rotation issue

Sebastian Schindler sebastian.schindler at travelping.com
Wed May 13 05:44:45 PDT 2015


I'm having a problem with the combination of the --directory (or --file) and the --follow option of journalctl:

If followed journal files are rotated, journalctl stops showing new content of those files. Non rotated or new created files are handled properly.
After a restart of journalctl the new entries can be seen as expected.

For an example view the attachments of https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=90193

I suspect this bug to happen on a deeper level:

I use a tool which calls sd_journal_open_directory(). After a rotation on a file it doesn't handle the new content of that file. Other files (even new created one) are handled properly though.

Maybe an important note: The follow option works perfectly fine with the default (system) journal. Rotations are handled seamlessly.

Are my problems expected behaviour (or another error on my side)? 

Best Regards


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