[systemd-devel] [PATCH] fstab-generator: add x-systemd.requires and x-systemd.requires-mounts-for

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon May 18 07:08:53 PDT 2015

On Mon, 18.05.15 12:30, Karel Zak (kzak at redhat.com) wrote:

> Currently we have no way how to specify dependencies between fstab
> entries (or another units) in the /etc/fstab. It means that users are
> forced to bypass fstab and write .mount units manually.
> The patch introduces new systemd fstab options:
> x-systemd.requires=<PATH>

Applied! Thanks!

(Made one OOM fix though, in case strv_push() fails.)


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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