[systemd-devel] [RFC] exec: introduce StandardOutputFile/StandardErrorFile option

WaLyong Cho walyong.cho at samsung.com
Mon May 18 22:19:37 PDT 2015

On 2015년 05월 19일 12:53, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
> В Tue, 19 May 2015 11:49:45 +0900
> WaLyong Cho <walyong.cho at samsung.com> пишет:
>> On 2015년 05월 19일 11:44, WaLyong Cho wrote:
>>> To redirect stdout/stderr to file add 'file' option to
>>> StandardOutput/StandardError. And to specify the file path, add
>>> StandardOutputFile/StandardErrorFile option.
>>> If only set StandardOutput/StandardError to 'file' without set of
>>> StandardOutputFile/StandardErrorFile option, then it will be
>>> redirected to '/dev/null'.
>> I think this patch is not complete yet. But I'd like to check you think
>> this facility is useful or not.
> You should start with describing your use case and what is missing in
> current logging. You can fetch all unit output from journal already.
journal is already good logging infrastructure under systemd system. But
the centralized logging is very heavy if there are many logging
messages. I know, we should reduce the log messages. But it is really
hard on short development lifecycle product. We should fix many problems
with many logging message. I think, this can correspond to many of
embedded system. By this reason, in Tizen, dlog is still main logging

I'd never want to blame systemd journal logging. That just does not suit
on our system(Tizen).

Anyway, I think text file logging itself can be useful even if we can
see the log from systemd journal for debugging or many other purpose
such like shell redirecting.


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