[systemd-devel] tentative state and unmount on mapper

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue May 19 03:15:11 PDT 2015

On Tue, 19.05.15 08:23, Umut Tezduyar Lindskog (umut at tezduyar.com) wrote:

> - Isn't there a race in that "short time window" that if one tries to
> unmount stuff, things might go south!

Hmm? can you elaborate?

The differene between "tentative" and "plugged" is mostly about
unmount-on-unplug really.

> - If tentative is just a temporary state, than maybe we shouldn't send
> the StartupFinished signal until device goes to plugged or dead
> state.

StartupFinished only cares about jobs really. It isn't suitable as a
general scheme to decide whether startup is really complete. Or, to
turn this around, you can already makeStartupFinished work the way you
want, all you need to do is enqueue a job for the device: that job
won't be considered done before the device actually showed up and
entered "plugged" state.

> - Seems like poky is enabling udev rules for DM. Maybe we should add
> required switches on README file to make DM work. So far I found
> CONFIG_DM_UEVENT on kernel and some switches on lvm,
> --enable-udev_sync, --enable-udev_rules, --with-udev-prefix=.

I cannot really help with DM issues, sorry. This is something to
discuss with the DM folks...


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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