[systemd-devel] 220: --disable-audit broken?

Marc-Antoine Perennou Marc-Antoine at perennou.com
Fri May 22 02:27:12 PDT 2015


On 22 May 2015 at 11:16,  <balducci at units.it> wrote:
> hello,
> while building 220 I get:
>     In file included from src/journal/audit-type.c:32:0:
>     src/journal/audit_type-to-name.h: In function 'audit_type_to_string':
>     src/journal/audit_type-to-name.h:23:14: error: 'AUDIT_USER_AUTH' undeclared (first use in this function)
>              case AUDIT_USER_AUTH: return "USER_AUTH";
>                   ^

I got the same here

rm src/journal/audit_type-to-name.h src/udev/keyboard-keys-from-name.gperf

Solved this one and another udev-related. These generated files are in
the tarball when they shouldn't.

Btw src/boot/efi is missing from the tarball, too.


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