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Fri May 29 03:56:00 PDT 2015

On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 1:02 PM, Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net>

> On Thu, 28.05.15 17:21, Aaron_Wright at selinc.com (Aaron_Wright at selinc.com)
> wrote:
> > Brandon Philips <brandon at ifup.co> wrote on 05/28/2015 05:10:33 PM:
> > > Access to the system dbus is controlled by dbus policies. You will
> > > need to write a policy for giving this user access to the systemd1
> > object.
> > >
> >
> > I compiled systemd without dbus support (--disable-dbus), and there is no
> > dbus daemon or dbus lib on the system. Is that a requirement to get the
> > functionality I want? I didn't see much need for dbus as the system works
> > quite well without it. Well, except for this of course.
> systemd will always use D-Bus (the protocol) for IPC, that's not
> optional, and you cannot turn it off neither during build-time nor
> during runtime. systemd does not use libdbus to implement this
> however, but instead it uses its own D-Bus client implementation,
> dubbed "sd-bus", which is going to be a public API with the next
> systemd release.
> Optional however is whether dbus-daemon (the daemon) is used as for
> IPC, or if all dbus IPC takes place only between systemd and its
> clients via direct AF_UNIX connections, without the central bus
> concept. We support this mode mostly to cover for the early-boot phase
> where dbus-daemon is not running yet, and hence cannot be used for
> communication. Running in this mode even during normal operation is
> supported, but not recommended (which is why the README says: "dbus is
> strictly speaking optional, but recommended").
> The direct AF_UNIX communication is available exclusively for
> privileged clients. Normally it's the duty of dbus-daemon to enforce
> more complex policy on dbus1 systems. If you take dbus-daemon out of
> the equation however, then this policy component will be missing, and
> hence systemd refuses to talk to any unprivileged clients.

Hmm, in a kdbus world, systemd (the service) itself would be responsible
for policy checks anyway, wouldn't it? I mean, it already does the
polkit/selinux checks even on dbus1 systems.

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