[systemd-devel] Questions about socket activated services

cee1 fykcee1 at gmail.com
Sat May 30 06:36:02 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Which service type should a socket activated service be?
1. For systemd-udevd.service and systemd-journald.service, they are notify type
2. For dbus.service, it is simple type

Does socket activation handles the timeout case?
E.g. A.service connects to B.socket, but B.service spends a long time
to be ready, may cause A.service receives ETIMEDOUT?

When the service is activated, systemd will still listen to the socket
but do nothing for incoming data, right?

BTW, netstat -lp shows only systemd is listening to a socket, but not
show the one who also is listening to the socket, e.g.
unix  2      [ ACC ]     SEQPACKET  LISTENING     326      1/systemd
Curious why?


- cee1

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