[systemd-devel] about Authorization

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 11 23:52:52 PST 2015

Hello yankun,

yankun at iscas.ac.cn [2015-11-12  9:25 +0800]:
> Hey  guys:
>    I try install systemd(219) in linux-mint17 .the deb package is from Ubuntu15.04.except for I can not auto-mount  my U disk and  can configure the network parametric.But when I use root to login, there is no problem.

These sound related to udisks and NetworkManager, not systemd itself.
This sounds like there's a problem with your policykit setup. But
without further details/logs (error messages, output of udisksctl
mount -d /dev/...) it's rather impossible to diagnose.

Also, this ML isn't the right forum for this.


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