[systemd-devel] RFC: Setting TasksMax= by default

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Nov 13 08:54:19 PST 2015

Am 13.11.2015 um 17:37 schrieb Alexander E. Patrakov:
> 13.11.2015 20:57, Lennart Poettering wrote:
>> On Fri, 13.11.15 14:27, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
>> (zbyszek at in.waw.pl) wrote:
>>>> b) I'd like to introduce DefaultTasksMax= that controls the default
>>>>     value of the per-unit TasksMax= by default, and would like it to
>>>>     set to some value such 1024 out-of-the-box. This will mean that any
>>>>     service or scope created will by default be limited to 1024
>>>>     tasks. This of course is a change from before that has the
>>>>     potential to break some daemons that maintain an excessive number
>>>>     of processes or threads. However, I think it's a much better choice
>>>>     to raise the limit for them, rather than stay unlimited for all
>>>>     services by default. I think 1024 is not particularly low, but also
>>>>     not particularly high. Note that the kernel by default limits the
>>>>     number of processes to 32K in total anyway.
>>> Shouldn't it be lower than 1024? For services which have many tasks,
>>> 1024 will not be enough, but for 99.9% of services it will be two
>>> orders of magnitude too many. I guess we can start with those
>>> settings, and the controller turned on, and then maybe readjust based
>>> on real-world usage.
>> What are you proposing? 256? 512?
>> (For comparison: if I read the docs right, then Apache defaults to
>> something between 256 and 400 max workers by default, depending on the
>> MPM you pick. If that's a good benchmark, then we should probably not
>> set our own max to anything below 512.)
> I'd rather not set any default based on Apache. On the contrary, I'd
> rather force it to be an exception that visibly (for the sysadmin)
> requires adjusting the limits in the unit file (in other words, has a
> TasksMax= line with a comment that it has to be changed together with
> ServerLimit), as it creates one thread or process per connection

this is asking for troubles because every bet the httpd package 
maintainers cross-distro won't realize that change, the admin not 
realize what is happening and httpd is not the only service with a lot 
of prcoesses / threads (imap servers as example)

that setting as i understand is a last resort to restrict aribatry 
processes and hence in it's default values should not badly effect known 
legit software

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