[systemd-devel] live-boot based system

Charles (Chas) Williams 3chas3 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 09:56:28 PST 2015

We have a system that is based on Debian Live's live-boot and overlayfs.
During shutdown we see the scary message:

  [   NN.NNNNN] system-shutdown[1]: Failed to finalize  file systems, ignoring

Of course, I gather this is because our root filesystem isn't mounted
on / and can't be unmounted during earlier phases of shutdown.

I wrote a sevice unit to remount the actual root filesystem as read only
during shutdown so that somewhat alleviates this issue but doesn't fix
the message.

I am interested in a more permanent fix.  Would it be acceptable to
extend systemd to attempt to remount any (besides Root and Usr) read-write
filesystems as read only and consider them finalized instead of requiring
them to be unmounted?  Or if unmounting fails in the earlier stage,
perhaps try remounting the filesystems as read only during the unmount
and consider this sufficient to finalize a filesystem?  Or something
else I hadn't considered?


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