[systemd-devel] about /run/cgmanager/fs

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Fri Nov 20 03:33:04 PST 2015

On Fri, 20.11.15 11:09, yankun at iscas.ac.cn (yankun at iscas.ac.cn) wrote:

> Hi guys! In my computer, there is no /run/cgmanager ,which configure file is related? Thank you!

"cgmanager" is a Canonical project that is supposed to manage your
control groups hierarchy.

It's a pretty bad idea to run this on a systemd system. The cgroup
hierarchy is nothing you can manage with multiple daemons at the same
time, it's supposed to be a "single writer" hierarchy really.

Basically, by using cgmanager in conjunction with systemd you really
void your warranty.


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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