[systemd-devel] general systemd behavior question

Jesse Cobra jessecobra at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 00:00:14 PST 2015

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this!

I am trying to investigate an issue on one of my linux systems. It is a
pretty normal yocto install, kernel 3.10.17 and is running an ALSA loopback
type audio application.

Every 25 minutes (1500 seconds) or some interval of that I see an underrun
with my ALSA application. I run the application with a priority of 99 and I
am using a PREEMPT kernel, no RT.

I often see systemd events logged in dmesg at this same time also at 1500
seconds or intervals of 1500 seconds. It could be totally unrelated.

Anyways, does SystemD itself have a log or a config file or some timeout
setting around this?

Sorry for such a general question!

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