[systemd-devel] wrong return value when fork() fail in exec_spawn() ?

eshark eshark77 at 163.com
Wed Nov 25 20:27:36 PST 2015

   Hi, all,

    It seems that  the exec_spawn() will return 0 if fork() fails,  because  that
                return log_unit_error_errno(params->unit_id, errno, "Failed to fork: %m");
 will return -r eventually.  And here r = exec_context_load_environment() , which has 
 exited successfully.

   This may lead big trouble to the caller of  exec_spawn().  For example,  mount_spawn(), which 
also calls exec_spawn(), will not goto fail but run continuelly in this case. Then the following unit_watch_pid()
will fail  at assert(pid >= 1);. 

   I also commit a patch to fix this problem, please help to review.
  Thanks a lot!

 Li Cheng

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