[systemd-devel] How to allow a user to use journalctl to see user-specific systemd service logs?

Daniel Ng danielng56 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 18:59:08 UTC 2016

I am running user-level services in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.  For example, I have
my test.service located at ~/.config/systemd/user/test.service

I was able to run the service by doing

    systemctl --user start test.target

However, when I try to read its log using journalctl, I got this error

    journalctl --user -u test.service
    Hint: You are currently not seeing messages from other users and the
      Users in the 'systemd-journal' group can see all messages. Pass -q to
      turn off this notice.
    No journal files were opened due to insufficient permissions.

How can I use journalctl for user's specific unit?

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