[systemd-devel] thoughts on different command structure

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Wed Oct 5 20:36:52 UTC 2016

Xen schreef op 05-10-2016 22:09:

> Reindl Harald schreef op 05-10-2016 21:50:

>> as long as your are not able to distinct between firstname and
>> lastname or at least quote the last name correctly: well, go pee, it's
>> more productive than ideas change anything for no reason to bomb us
>> (us is endusers and sysadmins) back some years (in fact after RHEL7
>> has systemd more than a decade) in context of consolidation for no
>> gain

> Ooh, you set up a name switch bomb, very good of you. You must be
> Japanese, but not really. And the typing is just a typing error that I
> don't want to spend too much time on correcting these things while
> writing senselesse mails, you know. Ha, another one.

I am not going to respond if you take it private. That's all.

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