[systemd-devel] Queries on Journal usage for High Available Systems

P.R.Dinesh pr.dinesh at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 13:00:41 UTC 2016

I am working on a High Availability System.

we have two servers in which one will serve the active request whereas the
other remains in standby mode.  When the active server goes down, the
standby server becomes active and starts serving the request.

We want the journals of the active server to be sent to the standby server
and get merged with the standby server's journal.

ie., Standby server's journal contains the logs belongs to the active
server as well as the standby server.

I am currently using systemd version 219

With respect to this requirements, we have the following queries

   1. Is it possible to configure the journald to avoid listening to syslog
   2. Can i configure the Journal remote to store the remote logs to the
   same system journal file (journal file used by systemd-journal).  Will it
   result in any file corruption
   3. In case of journal-upload, can I filter based on severity,
   message-id, source (syslog, printf, kernel,etc.,)
   4. I was trying to merge two journal files belonging to two different
   systems using "journalctl --merge", my expectation is the logs should be
   interleaved based on the timestamp, instead the new system logs are just
   append to the end of the existing log.
   5. In case of system journal, currently we are having option to store in
   different journal files for different users.  Is it also possible to store
   in different journal files based on different sources of log(syslog,
   printf, kernel,etc.,)
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