[systemd-devel] Serial getty on USB dongle insertion

Paul D. DeRocco pderocco at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jul 13 00:38:04 UTC 2017

I've created a serial-getty at ttyUSB2.service file, which is basically a
copy of serial-getty at .service with a specific device name and a fixed baud
rate. It works fine when I plug in a serial dongle that gets assigned that
name. (I have permanent ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1 devices which don't use

If I logout, it just offers me a new login prompt. If I unplug the dongle,
the automatic retrying fails, and plugging it in again doesn't bring it
back to life.

If I use Restart=no, then I can terminate it either by logging out or
yanking the dongle, but it naturally won't restart if I plug the dongle in
again. Is there a way of configuring the service to start every time the
dongle is inserted, whether I logged out before yanking the dongle or not?
Or does this require some special udev rule?


Ciao,               Paul D. DeRocco
Paul                mailto:pderocco at ix.netcom.com

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