[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] All Systems Go! 2017 CfP is now open!

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed Jun 21 14:05:28 UTC 2017


The All Systems Go! 2017 Call for Participation is now open!


This year All Systems Go! 2017 will take the place of systemd.conf
where the systemd community meets! ASG! 2017 is run by the same people
as systemd.conf 2015 and 2016, but has a broader focus, and a grown
audience. It is in a way the updated successor to systemd.conf.

Yesterday we opened the CfP. We invite you to submit your presentation
proposals now! Everything you think is right for systemd.conf is also
right for ASG, but other projects are now welcome too!

Here's the full CfP text:

The All Systems Go! 2017 Call for Participation is Now Open!

We’d like to invite presentation proposals for All Systems Go!
2017. All Systems Go! is an Open Source community conference focused
on the projects and technologies at the foundation of modern Linux
systems — specifically low-level user-space technologies. Its goal is
to provide a friendly and collaborative gathering place for
individuals and communities working to push these technologies

All Systems Go! 2017 takes place in Berlin, Germany on October

All Systems Go! is a 2-day event with 2-3 talks happening in
parallel. Full presentation slots are 30-45 minutes in length and
lightning talk slots are 5-10 minutes.

We are now accepting submissions for presentation proposals. In
particular, we are looking for sessions including, but not limited to,
the following topics:

- Low-level container executors and infrastructure
- IoT and embedded OS infrastructure
- OS, container, IoT image delivery and updating
- Building Linux devices and applications
- Low-level desktop technologies
- Networking
- System and service management
- Tracing and performance measuring
- IPC and RPC systems
- Security and Sandboxing

While our focus is definitely more on the user-space side of things,
talks about kernel projects are welcome too, as long as they have a
clear and direct relevance for user-space.

Please submit your proposals by September 3rd. Notification of
acceptance will be sent out 1-2 weeks later.

To submit your proposal now please visit our CfP submission web site:


For further information about All Systems Go! visit our conference web


systemd.conf will not take place this year in lieu of All Systems Go!
The conference welcomes all projects that contribute to Linux user
space, which, of course, includes systemd. Thus, anything you think
was appropriate for submission to systemd.conf is also fitting
for All Systems Go!

See you in Berlin!


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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