[systemd-devel] systemd-journald: prioritize system log over user log

Yunchih Chen yunchih at csie.ntu.edu.tw
Thu Mar 23 09:59:06 UTC 2017


     At my organization, there can be hundreds of user logins in a 
public workstation each day, among more than one thousand of users. 
  Since each user login produces a 8MiB sparse log file in 
/var/log/journal/xxxxx/, significant disk space is consumed.  From the 
administrator point of view, it is desirable to prioritize system log 
over user log.  For example, when total log size exceeds SystemMaxUse, 
user log is vacuumed / rotated before system log.  Can we achieve this 
goal under current implementation?

     I guess the size of pre-allocation (in my case, 8MiB), is probably 
determined platform-wise.  Here[1] I include some relevant platform info 
that might aids debugging.

Many thanks!


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