[systemd-devel] udev - ignore/hide persistent storage

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 30 20:40:19 UTC 2017

sorry guys to bother you, but
  I'll see myself going slowly mad next week, for I've been 
reading and tryingand trying..

and I fail to tell udev to ignore a device and not to create 
I need someone to 100% confirm this should work in v.219.
The way Ithink(or hope) it should work islike:

ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="c50033d225e1", ENV{UDISKS_IGNORE}="1"

although I've tried number of different options in my .rules 
I think that with sas or wwin address it would go to the 
lowest level of all those identification layers, thus most 
But all the udev test I ran I saw: ACTION=add and symlinks 
would be created by 60-persistent-storage.rules mostly. 
(centos 7.3)

Is it possible to have udev ignore scsi/sas disks with the 
use of sas(or similarly low) addresses?

many thank,

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