[systemd-devel] Improvement of Battery Drain DELL Notebook XPS-13 9365 Possible?!

Axel Klein nospamforaxel-1 at yahoo.de
Sat Feb 3 12:16:43 UTC 2018

Hi *,

On my Dell XPS-13 9365k Notebook I experience pretty accurately a
battery drain of 5% per hour in suspend when running Ubuntu.

Compared to this 5% per hour battery drain while in sleep, I've found a
maximum battery drain of 2-3% independent of sleep time when the Dell
Notebook 9365 runs Windows, which is a huge benefit. On Windows I can
afford putting the notebook to sleep always, whereas on Ubuntu I have to
balance the choice with the time I expect the machine being down - a big

I assume 'they' (on Windows) have a mechanism in place that changes the
state to 'hibernate' after a certain time. For example when I wake up
the 9365 after half an hour from sleep, it comes back very quickly, and
when I wake it up after one hour from sleep it goes through a booting
process that takes much more time.

If this is true, I am asking whether we could have a similar behavior
running Linux on these machines.
To me such a procedure looks very sensible: Having it waking up very
quickly within half an hour or so and limiting the battery drain to a
couple of percents.
This is exactly what I would wish.

So I am asking whether we could have a similar behavior running Linux on
this machines?

By the way: Is this the right location to ask such a question?

Thank you in advance for your time and effort to look into this.

Best regards

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