[systemd-devel] Again, why this strange behavior implied by "auto" in fstab ?

Franck Bui fbui at suse.de
Mon Feb 12 14:55:06 UTC 2018

On 01/31/2018 10:15 AM, Franck Bui wrote:
> On 01/24/2018 04:33 PM, Lennart Poettering wrote:
>> I am not convinced the reasoning is convincing for such a major change
>> (I mean, let's not forget that systemd's current behaviour has been
>> around for more than half a decade too already). If you want other
>> bits of the code not to interfere what you are doing, then take the
>> BSD lock and all will be good, it's the right, the better thing to do,
>> and you have to do it anway. It will not only stop systemd from
>> interfering but everything else too...
> Lennart, would you accept such changes ?


>  1. introduce a new option for mount units that turn ON/OFF
>     the automatic mount feature systemd introduced.
>  2. make fstab-generator uses this option if "noauto" is not
>     used. This would have the benefit to explicitly see if this
>     option is used when reading a mount unit file and make it
>     available for those who directly created mount units.
>  3. make a compile option (--compat-sysv-fstab or such) which
>     would turn the automatic mount feature OFF by default for
>     mount units generated by fstab-generator.
>  4. introduce a new kernel command line switch to override the
>     default (whatever its value).
>  5. introduce a new fstab option "x-systemd.auto" or such that
>     would override 3. and 4.
> At least distros would be free to choose if they want to turn the
> feature ON by default. And the adding of new options would clarify the
> current situation IMHO.
> Thanks.
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