[systemd-devel] Devuan ASCII 2.0.0

freebsd at tango.lu freebsd at tango.lu
Fri Jun 15 07:39:58 UTC 2018

Guten f morgen,

Just dropped by to announce that new version of malware(d) free Debian 
is available:


The tardfuck IAN murdock who let this plague happen to debian (used to 
be my favourite operating system) is let's just say:

"I'm not glad he's dead, but I'm glad he's gone"

Systemd and pulseaudio have to be shutdown for good, focus your time and 
energy on something more useful like inventing a 50% efficient solar 
panel or do cancer research instead of PRODUCING THIS FUCKING CANCER.

Systemd have to be discontined and removed from all the distributions so 
things can go back to normal as they used to be.

Anybody knows a good shitD free mediacenter by the way with KODI for 
Raspberry PI 2, 3?

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