[systemd-devel] Mount error when running systemd-nspawn with --private-network

Nikolaus Rath Nikolaus at rath.org
Sat Jun 23 13:42:53 UTC 2018


When running systemd-nspawn with --private-network, I am getting mount

# systemd-nspawn -M iofabric --as-pid2 --private-users=1379532800:65536 --register=no --private-network
Spawning container iofabric on /var/lib/machines/iofabric.raw.
Press ^] three times within 1s to kill container.
Selected user namespace base 1379532800 and range 65536.
Failed to mount n/a on /tmp/nspawn-root-2Ar2iL/sys/fs/selinux (MS_BIND ""): No such file or directory
Failed to mount n/a on /tmp/nspawn-root-2Ar2iL/sys/fs/selinux (MS_RDONLY|MS_NOSUID|MS_NODEV|MS_NOEXEC|MS_REMOUNT|MS_BIND ""): Invalid argument

This is on a (host) system with SELinux disabled.

What do these errors mean?

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