[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd v238

Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek zbyszek at in.waw.pl
Mon Mar 5 22:37:56 UTC 2018


systemd-238 has been tagged.



        * The MemoryAccounting= unit property now defaults to on. After
          discussions with the upstream control group maintainers we learnt
          that the negative impact of cgroup memory accounting on current
          kernels is finally relatively minimal, so that it should be safe to
          enable this by default without affecting system performance. Besides
          memory accounting only task accounting is turned on by default, all
          other forms of resource accounting (CPU, IO, IP) remain off for now,
          because it's not clear yet that their impact is small enough to move
          from opt-in to opt-out. We recommend downstreams to leave memory
          accounting on by default if kernel 4.14 or higher is are primarily
          used. On very resource constrained systems or when support for old
          kernels is a necessity, -Dmemory-accounting-default=false can be used
          to revert this change.

        * rpm scriptlets to update the udev hwdb and rules (%udev_hwdb_update,
          %udev_rules_update) and the journal catalog (%journal_catalog_update)
          from the upgrade scriptlets of individual packages now do nothing.
          Transfiletriggers have been added which will perform those updates
          once at the end of the transaction.

          Similar transfiletriggers have been added to execute any sysctl.d
          and binfmt.d rules. Thus, it should be unnecessary to provide any
          scriptlets to execute this configuration from package installation

        * systemd-sysusers gained a mode where the configuration to execute is
          specified on the command line, but this configuration is not executed
          directly, but instead it is merged with the configuration on disk,
          and the result is executed. This is useful for package installation
          scripts which want to create the user before installing any files on
          disk (in case some of those files are owned by that user), while
          still allowing local admin overrides.

          This functionality is exposed to rpm scriplets through a new
          %sysusers_create_package macro. Old %sysusers_create and
          %sysusers_create_inline macros are deprecated.

          A transfiletrigger for sysusers.d configuration is now installed,
          which means that it should be uncessary to call systemd-sysusers from
          package installation scripts, unless the package installs any files
          owned by those newly-created users, in which case
          %sysusers_create_package should be used.

        * Analogous change has been done for systemd-tmpfiles: it gained a mode
          where the command-line configuration is merged with the configuration
          on disk. This is exposed as the new %tmpfiles_create_package macro,
          and %tmpfiles_create is deprecated. A transfiletrigger is installed
          for tmpfiles.d, hence it should be unnecessary to call systemd-tmpfiles
          from package installation scripts.

        * sysusers.d configuration for a user may now also specify the group
          number, in addition to the user number ("u username 123:456"), or
          without the user number ("u username -:456").

        * Configution items for systemd-sysusers can now be specified as
          positional arguments when the new --inline switch is used.

        * The login shell of users created through sysusers.d may now be
          specified (previously, it was always /bin/sh for root and
          /sbin/nologin for other users).

        * systemd-analyze gained a new --global switch to look at global user
          configuration. It also gained a unit-paths verb to list the unit load
          paths that are compiled into systemd (which can be used with
          --systemd, --user, or --global).

        * udevadm trigger gained a new --settle/-w option to wait for any
          triggered events to finish (but just those, and not any other events
          which are triggered meanwhile).

        * The action that systemd-logind takes when the lid is closed and the
          machine is connected to external power can now be configured using
          HandleLidSwitchExternalPower= in logind.conf. Previously, this action
          was determined by HandleLidSwitch=, and, for backwards compatibility,
          is still is, if HandleLidSwitchExternalPower= is not explicitly set.

        * journalctl will periodically call sd_journal_process() to make it
          resilient against inotify queue overruns when journal files are
          rotated very quickly.

        * Two new functions in libsystemd — sd_bus_get_n_queued_read and
          sd_bus_get_n_queued_write — may be used to check the number of
          pending bus messages.

        * systemd gained a new
          org.freedesktop.systemd1.Manager.AttachProcessesToUnit dbus call
          which can be used to migrate foreign processes to scope and service
          units. The primary user for this new API is systemd itself: the
          systemd --user instance uses this call of the systemd --system
          instance to migrate processes if it itself gets the request to
          migrate processes and the kernel refuses this due to access
          restrictions.  Thanks to this "systemd-run --scope --user …" works
          again in pure cgroups v2 environments when invoked from the user
          session scope.

        * A new TemporaryFileSystem= setting can be used to mask out part of
          the real file system tree with tmpfs mounts. This may be combined
          with BindPaths= and BindReadOnlyPaths= to hide files or directories
          not relevant to the unit, while still allowing some paths lower in
          the tree to be accessed.

          ProtectHome=tmpfs may now be used to hide user home and runtime
          directories from units, in a way that is mostly equivalent to
          "TemporaryFileSystem=/home /run/user /root".

        * Non-service units are now started with KeyringMode=shared by default.
          This means that mount and swapon and other mount tools have access
          to keys in the main keyring.

        * /sys/fs/bpf is now mounted automatically.

        * QNX virtualization is now detected by systemd-detect-virt and may
          be used in ConditionVirtualization=.

        * IPAccounting= may now be enabled also for slice units.

        * A new -Dsplit-bin= build configuration switch may be used to specify
          whether bin and sbin directories are merged, or if they should be
          included separately in $PATH and various listings of executable
          directories. The build configuration scripts will try to autodetect
          the proper values of -Dsplit-usr= and -Dsplit-bin= based on build
          system, but distributions are encouraged to configure this

        * A new -Dok-color= build configuration switch may be used to change
          the colour of "OK" status messages.

        * UPGRADE ISSUE: serialization of units using JoinsNamespaceOf= with
          PrivateNetwork=yes was buggy in previous versions of systemd. This
          means that after the upgrade and daemon-reexec, any such units must
          be restarted.

        * INCOMPATIBILITY: as announced in the NEWS for 237, systemd-tmpfiles
          will not exclude read-only files owned by root from cleanup.

        Contributions from: Alan Jenkins, Alexander F Rødseth, Alexis Jeandet,
        Andika Triwidada, Andrei Gherzan, Ansgar Burchardt, antizealot1337,
        Batuhan Osman Taşkaya, Beniamino Galvani, Bill Yodlowsky, Caio Marcelo
        de Oliveira Filho, CuBiC, Daniele Medri, Daniel Mouritzen, Daniel
        Rusek, Davide Cavalca, Dimitri John Ledkov, Douglas Christman, Evgeny
        Vereshchagin, Faalagorn, Filipe Brandenburger, Franck Bui, futpib,
        Giacomo Longo, Gunnar Hjalmarsson, Hans de Goede, Hermann Gausterer,
        Iago López Galeiras, Jakub Filak, Jan Synacek, Jason A. Donenfeld,
        Javier Martinez Canillas, Jérémy Rosen, Lennart Poettering, Lucas
        Werkmeister, Mao Huang, Marco Gulino, Michael Biebl, Michael Vogt,
        MilhouseVH, Neal Gompa (ニール・ゴンパ), Oleander Reis, Olof Mogren,
        Patrick Uiterwijk, Peter Hutterer, Peter Portante, Piotr Drąg, Robert
        Antoni Buj Gelonch, Sergey Ptashnick, Shawn Landden, Shuang Liu, Simon
        Fowler, SjonHortensius, snorreflorre, Susant Sahani, Sylvain
        Plantefève, Thomas Blume, Thomas Haller, Vito Caputo, Yu Watanabe,
        Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek, Марко М. Костић (Marko M. Kostić)

        — Warsaw, 2018-03-05

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